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Same quality our price more better

Same price our quality more better





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We are manufacture for Bandsaw Blade, locates at Benxi area of Shenyang city. We would like provide both our quality Bi-metal Bandsaw Blades and best service to our customers. In order to ensure our quality Bandsaw we realize the quality of materials would be the first and also basic which are Germany, UK for our back steel X32CR4, B318 are from AUSTRIA for our tooth HSS M42 M51 M71 with our professional staff, produce equipments lead our bandsaw showing very well performance in cutting kinds of steel which always can be called all-steel-terminal due to its durable and speedy peculiarity.

Meanwhile, the trust and orders that come to us from our clients must be cherished in our minds as well as let us to forward our long-term, friendly and happy cooperation.